Communities Overview

Below is a list of the currently available communities. Communities are open to anyone on Catalist, and can be added to by anyone on Catalist. Certain communities require approval for additions to be pushed live to the different rooms and tables.

Designer Resources

Resources, tools, and useful collections for any type of designers (graphic design, UX design, service design, design thinking, etc.). A global community of designer to share resources, opportunities, and collaborate on projects. Notable tables include: Reading Resources, Design Gigs, Fellowships, Design Courses.

Human Rights

A place to share volunteer current opportunities, organizations, and programs by socially and environmentally beneficial companies, non-profits, and organizations. Sharing of volunteer opportunities, job opportunities, educational programs in intersecting fields, and lists of organizations to help acclimate new members into the space.

Climate Action

Climate Change Community is related to all things about sustainable development, climate change mitigation, and green efforts. Right now basic tables include climate change related organizations and initiatives.

Entrepreneur Resources

A community for individuals interested in pursuing entrepreneurial projects, businesses, or organization that are focused on solving pressing social and environmental problems. Included in this community are rooms related to funding, resources, and tools as well as networking. Check out the startup competitions table for free funding opportunities!